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Our services help to preserve independence at home by offering quality services at a low cost.

Aging at home

The Aging at Home Program’s objective is to identify the needs of seniors and direct them to appropriate services. Our programs aim to break the isolation and maintain a quality of life by promoting physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual well-being.

Programs and services

Operates on a donation basis.


Health Day

A day filled with social and recreational activities, information sessions. Come and share a nutritious meal with friends and have fun exercising program adapted to your needs.

Case Management

Identify and assess the needs of the elderly in regards to their health and social integration in order to refer them to the various community services or coordinate care to different organizations.


Transportation and Grocery Aid Program

Transportation available to the grocery store. A volunteer can also accompany you while you are shopping. 

Walking and Exercises

Come walk at your own pace in a safe environment. Enjoy an exercise program that is tailored to your needs. 

Fall Prevention

Stay Active, Stay Independent and Stay on your feet!

HomeSupport Exercise Program

Stand Up! (A Fall Prevention Program for seniors) 

Volunteering… is for me!

Volunteers are essential as they provide support to services and contribute to program development.

If you have any questions on our programs or services please contact us 
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